dinamic reraxation

Preparation (always done every time)

※ If it is difficult to do it please stand and go

How to pass the shaft through the forearm
① Move between the ulna and the radius with middle finger and thumb
From the wrist to near the elbow
② Pinch your thumb lightly with the thumb and middle finger of the right hand
A shaft passes through my arms. Wait a few seconds

When the elbow is bent at a right angle, there is a dent at the distance of two fingers from the corner of the elbow so if you push the dent lightly with the back of the thumb of the right hand, it will be shaped to just support the forearm .
Rotate your forearm like a loose 

Repeat ② to ③ twice, and do both hands

↓ Do not leave time

gif 10) 

The axis of the leg movie
Fluffy (flexible,soft)leg

gif (16)gif 15)

The axis of the waist
Fluffy (flexible,soft)waist movie

· The hand on the desk is the shoulder width, the width of the foot is about the waist width

- About half of the weight of the upper body is put on the arm

· The inclination of the upper body is 30 to 45 degrees. (Normal standing state is 0 degree)

· Make upper arm to forearm straight 

It can not be perfect from the beginning
If you trial and error too much, you will be tired, so it is OK to rough

2 weeks, 2 to 3 times a day for about 1 to 3 minutes

Softness is important for improving physical abilities, tiredness and injury prevention. It is not the range of motion of the joint obtained by stretching, but softness like rice cake. 
Martial arts superiority, be like water. It is Japan's best training
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